Legends of Chima is an upcoming LEGO theme that will be launched in 2013. The theme takes place in a land called Chima, inhabited by six species of anthropomorphic animals: Lions, Gorillas, Eagles, Crocodiles, Wolfs, and Ravens. 

250px-CHIMA logo

Central to Chima is a floating mountain which produces Chi, a powerful element which the native species use in their technology. The Lions oversaw distributing Chi equally to each species, until the Crocodiles demanded more, and allied with the Wolfs and Ravens to take it by force. The Lions, Gorillas, and Eagles then allied to defend the Chi, and a war broke out.

Each species makes use of various vehicles, from large vehicles shaped like the species piloting it, to smaller vehicles called Speedorz which have a more consistent shape but still have traits of the species owning them.

The theme will also be adapted into a Legends of Chima (TV Series), with each episode being 22 minutes long.